sculptural furniture

The Shawn Connors Designs boutique lifestyle brand is geared towards automotive and motorcycle fans

Creative writing and office desks

These unique furniture pieces are sure to draw the eyes of everyone around. From automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts to industrial steampunk lifestyles , art lovers, tech tycoons and or anyone with the slightest bit of curiosity of how things work.

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The Shawn Connors Designs boutique lifestyle brand creates world class art furniture in Montreal

Coffee tables

The Shawn Connors Designs boutique manufacturing method allows for complete customization of your furnitures frame work to fit your home, hospitality or office decor needs

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Unique Accent tables that is sure to add a pop of color and artistic style to any space.


In 2014 Shawn Connors Designs formed its roots by creating this unique furniture design on an old work bench in the shop of Shawn's mother in laws residential location. 

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