sculptural furniture

Unique, desirable, artistic desks That are more than furniture, they are functional art.


These unique furniture pieces are sure to draw the eyes of everyone around. From auto-moto, industrial, steampunk enthusiasts, art lovers, tech tycoons to anyone with the slightest bit of curiosity of how things work.

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Unique, desirable, artistic Coffee tables That are more than furniture, they are functional art.

Coffee Tables

As a unique furniture manufacture the Shawn Connors Designs brand prides themselves on pushing the limits of what has been done before and what can be done in the future by utilizing a rich imagination and skilled hands to build these world class sculptural furniture pieces.

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Unique Accent tables that is sure to add a pop of color and artistic style to any space.


In 2014 Shawn Connors Designs formed its roots by creating this unique furniture design on an old work bench in the shop of Shawn's mother in laws residential location. 

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