Coffee Tables

Whiskey barrel table, unique automotive motorcycle art furniture. man cave furniture. Shawn Connors

"Mechanical barrel" Coffee table

These unique/rustic coffee tables are made from recycled whiskey barrels, automotive parts & motorcycle parts. We restore the old sun bleached oak wood back to its beautiful brown and tan tones. The recycled automotive & motorcycle parts have been artistically laid out and carefully welded together, providing a solid structure to hold the 10mm thick glass top along with your favorite beverages. 

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Industrial glam furniture, unique-coffee-table-steampunk-Montreal-artist-mechanical-luxury-decor

The "Tina" table

As a unique furniture manufacturer the Shawn Connors Designs brand prides themselves on pushing the limits of what has been done before and what can be done in the future by utilizing a rich imagination and skilled hands to build these world class sculptural furniture pieces.

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