About Shawn Connors

Shawn Robert Connors as a young boy growing up in Vermont.

The beginning.

I was Born Shawn Robert Connors October 14th, 1983 in Bennington Vermont, USA. I grew up 40 minutes north on Connors Road in a small town called East Dorset Vermont.

As a young boy living in rural Vermont I grew up with two friends, a bicycle and a hammer. Everyday I would be outside playing, either on my bicycle seeing how fast I could go and big I could jump, or I would be in the scrap yard at the families construction business full of old rusty cars, heavy equipment and construction materials. This was my play ground where I would run, jump, climb, and take apart anything I could with my hammer and broken pipe wrench. Growing up this isolated was a lonely world at times with no friends around to play with but it really shaped my imagination into a great tool that I have been using throughout my life.

Patrick Connors cutting steel with a torch

About my family:

I grew up in the middle of a hard working entrepreneurial family, seeing all the hard work and dedication it took to operate the family business of moving houses, barns and other large structures is a pretty extreme environment to grow up around. I was watching and learning everything I could. Paying close attention to my dad, his two brothers and my grandfather while they built custom parts or tools from scratch that they needed to move these houses or to fix their own equipment. I mean think about it, you cant just go to the local house moving store to buy a special part, no they would make them from “scratch” with raw steel, welders and torches, This was everyday life to me so I guess you could say, I was destined to be a craftsmen of some sort. 


The Motocross life

But at the age of 10 my life's path would take a drastic turn when my dad bought me a 1979 Honda dirt bike. I fell deep in love with the freedom and emotions dirt bike riding gave me. Dirt bikes took priority over everything in my life, I was addicted to the Adrenaline and the self confidence I would gain every time I threw my leg over the seat, One would say I was completely obsessed. This new found passion brought me on a wild, wild ride, by the age of 14 I was racing motocross, at the age of 19 I was getting paid to perform in freestyle motocross jump shows and at the age of 21 my best friend and riding buddy, Adam Cousino and I quit our jobs, packed our bags and set out in the world to discover who we were, we chased our dreams and rode our dirt bikes professionally all around the world for a decade.My career brought me amazing new friendships and experiences while taking me to 12 different countries, and shaping me into the human I am today. 

Shawn Connors and Marisol Pelletier wedding

Marriage and migration

Another moment in time that changed my life’s path for ever was June 14th, 2011 when I moved to Macau China for a jump contract in a very special live entertainment show called “The House Of Dancing Water” this is where I met my future wife and mother to my future children, Marisol Pelletier, Marisol was also a performer in The house of dancing water show. Our wild personalities shared a lot in common. In a short amount of time our friendship had developed into a relationship, by October 2012 we both moved back to our homes. For Her it was Bois-Des-Filion Quebec Canada and for me it was back on Connors Road In Vermont. 

I Quickly Packed up all of my belongings and Moved to Canada not knowing what the future held for me in this country. 2013 flew by, we were married in January, had our first child in April and that October I received my permanent residency status for Canada. In the spring of 2014 I got a job at a local motocross track which filled in the gaps between the freestyle motocross shows that I continued to jump in. 

Shawn Connors Backflipping in 2014 For the Monster Jam in the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Florida

That year I performed in 14 shows located all over the eastern seaboard of North America But the 2014 riding season was a bit different for me compared to years past, I was beginning to hear tiny voices in my head and feel this powerful instinct inside me saying that “I was wasting my time riding dirt bikes”, like I really felt that, it was intense. Then one evening in October of 2014 while Riding at my practice spot I just decided enough was enough, I was done riding dirt bikes, I picked my last jump, I performed a backflip, I rode my bike over to my van and I parked it! For good! I remember instantly feeling a giant weight of stress leave my body. And an equal rush of gratitude for all I had accomplished fill my body, I knew this was right, I knew I needed to move on in life, I needed to reinvent who Shawn Connors was.

Shawn Connors 2012 Ktm 250sx, all black. Leaning on 2002 chevy express van.
Awesome Motocross bike.

Shawn Connors Designs is created.

So now you know where and how I grew up, why I migrated to Canada and what I used to do for a living. But how and why did I start making furniture from recycled motorcycle parts? Well, While working as a mechanic that summer of 2014 I would see bikes come through the shop everyday needing repairs, it was my job to be somewhat of a detective using any info I could get from the owner and any little clues I could find on or in the motorcycle to come to a conclusion on what needed to be fixed, why it broke, and how it could be prevented in the future. I really enjoyed playing detective, it would make me so curious to what type of life the bike had, how many owners did she have? Was she treated well? What was the biggest jump she had taken? And the hardest crash she had felt? These were all questions that would race through my mind. 

Unique furniture, artistic furniture, industrial furniture, motorcycle furniture, motorcycle art,

I began to look at each piece so closely in my examination that other means of uses would pop in my head and visions of functional furniture began to take shape. I started by making my wife a table lamp from a recycled engine case. Then I made us a fire pit from recycled parts and an old oil drum which kinda blew up on social media getting over 14,000 likes on a facebook post, the combination of this data and the rush of emotions I would have creating these pieces told me that this is something I needed to pursue. I wanted to see if could turn these “likes” into dollar bills. In 2015, Shortly after building my first Moto-Art side table I brought it to my local motorcycle dealership called Motos Illimitees to show them, I left with a check and a new relationship.

Motos Illimitees purchases Shawn Connors Designs first moto-art piece in 2015.

Since that first table sale to Motos Illimitees in 2015 I have been creating and selling my pieces consistently all over north America, You can even find two of my office desks in an art gallery inside the Las Vegas Venetian hotel. 

Shawn Connors Designs Unique, artistic  furniture piece which is desired globally, desired furniture

Shawn Connors Designs is known for creating artistic furniture pieces by utilizing recycled motorcycle parts accompanied with beautiful eye catching frames, these furniture pieces are part of the “Moto-art collection.” I enjoy making them and appreciate everyones support of this unique approach I have taken to furniture making.

I hope you will follow my new career into the future, I look forward to engaging with all of you on my social media platforms:

Instagram: @shawn_connors_designs 

Facebook: ShawnConnorsDesigns 

Twitter: @SCDart 

and or meeting you in person. If you have any questions or comments Please feel free to email me at creations@shawnconnorsdesigns.com 

Thank you!

Shawn Connors 


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