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About the artist

Been around the world twice, talked to everybody once, or at least so it seems. Shawn Connors is a retired freestyle motocross (FMX) pro that started his career in East Dorset Vermont at the age of ten, but little did he know at that point where the bike he received from his father would take him. He has traveled all over the continental United States and around the world, living a seemingly nomadic existence for much of the last decade, using the skills that he honed on dirt tracks in Vermont to make a living, while further building a reputation for his ingenuity with a welder. His skills can be traced back to a very young age growing up around his family's construction business, where he received his first set of tools, starting him down the road to being the embodiment of what it means to be a craftsman.  

By the age of 21 Shawn was riding professionally, performing in FMX shows all around the world. During this time he was also becoming known around the circuit for fabricating his own mobile jumps and landing ramps from steel and wood. Not only was he a professional athlete, but a burgeoning business man, he would rent the jumps he had built to the promoter or venue hiring him. In addition to building ramps for his own use, he was also contracted to build ramps for other athletes and entertainment companies, most recently flying to Barbados in 2016 to build a worlds first mobile wooden landing ramp. He retired in October 2014 from riding professionally with his head held high and with all of his body parts still attached (some by screws and plates). Shawn is very proud of his accomplishments during his professional FMX career not only for his freestyle skills and accolades, but the name that built for himself in the industry.  

However, as is the case with many professional athletes after their careers end, they still want to be involved in the sport that they put so much of themselves into. Shawn was no different and after moving to Montreal with his wife and growing family he found a job in the motocross industry as a mechanic, doing track maintenance and as a riding coach. Though he enjoyed this, Shawn quickly realized that he felt like there was something missing in his life.  Shawn had been filling this void with making furniture out of recycled motorcycle parts and posting them on his Facebook page. The response was overwhelming, when one of his pieces reached over 14,000 “likes.” That's when he realized he could put his new found passion to work, by calling on his skills as a craftsman and his love of motorcycles, a new venture was born: Shawn Connors Designs. This hobby quickly turned into a business that he is pursuing wholeheartedly, where he sells custom one of kind functional art pieces, both motorcycle inspired and not. Once again Shawn has found his passion and is following his dream.

Only in his mid 30’s Shawn knows that his story is still unfolding, but the ride up until this point has been one that many would not experience given several life times. With that in mind, and in his own words, his story is to be continued…...